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Frooom! is an interdisciplinary film school for children and teenagers, founded in 2011 in Zagreb.

Our education method insists on interactive learning, empowering children and teenagers to understand media content from any possible point of view and guiding them through it with playfulness and fun. Frooom! is focusing on intercultural exchange and fostering children’s understanding of human rights and others.

We forensically trace the evidence of all historical attempts to create film and moving pictures in the last 3000 years! Also, we analyze new and old media content using everything which preceded a film as we know it today to introduce children to nature of the film: from Chinese Zoetropes, French Praxinoscopes, Mannerist optical experiments, experimental animation of still photography and Camera Obscura to computer software, advanced video, filming with drones, 3D mapping and other goods digital technology has brought to us.

The mission of the project is to stimulate a critical approach of children and teenagers towards media contents and to foster an intercultural exchange to empower understanding of local cultural and media knowledge. Our cultural exchange, between artists, authors, cultural operators and policy makers, as well as between a larger targeted audience, focuses on Mediterranean basin and the Balkan region.

Objectives of our educational project are:

– Creative structuring of children’s and teenagers time, especially of the ones who show a strong interest in film and media creation and gifted children.

– Encouraging young people to create and understand creative processes and possible impacts of culture as positive society processes.

– Creating the creative base of new generations of Croatia by creating a quality educational and entertaining program in Croatia during the school holidays.

– Promotion of film and literature culture among young people, creation of a link between heritage, urban culture and educational processes.

– Implementation of the intercultural integration of foreign children and young refugee asylum seekers in Croatia through a special process of education that includes language and professional assistance and understanding of differences.

Next workshops – 2020.:

Zagreb in elementary schoool S.S. Kranjčević, Bogišićeva street 13
(January 06.-10.;  April 14.-18.; June 28. – July 03.; July 06.-10.; August 24.-28.; August 31. – September 04.)

Komiža – in cultural center “Ivan Vitić” – April 14.-18.;
Split –
in Youth Cultural Center, Ulica Slobode 22, SplitApril 14.-18.;
SinjArt & Cultural Center , Put Petrovca 12, 21230 Sinj August 24.-28.;

In preparation:
Prelogin City Library, Glavna ulica 33, 40323 Prelog
Duga Resa – in Cultural and Educational Center, St. George Square 3, 47250 Duga Resa
Rijeka – in Museum of modern and contemporay arts, Krešimirova ul. 26c, 51000, Rijeka

Through innovative methods of participation and playfulness in the process of learning, we provide to our students a basis of complete introduction of film, film/media history, media and visual culture by exploring complex and exciting process of creation of the film and video art.

The school fee also includes additional insurance for all participants and a good, healthy and warm meal every day.

The workshop takes place in the constant presence of an experienced psychologist.

FROOOM! team:

The concept of educational program Frooom!: Boris Bakal

Leaders of educational processes: Boris Bakal (president of Shadow Casters, theatre and film director, actor and multimedia artist), Pavle Perković / Igor Longo / Stipe Bagarić/ Ivana Bandić (psychologists), Nada Kovacevic / Lidija Kraljić/ Sanja Milardovic/ Jakov Čuvaljak (actors and drama pedagogues), Tihana Mandušic, Dalia Dozet, Karlo Vorih (film cinematographer, visual artist and editor), Martin Semenčić/ Lea Mileta/ Dražen Žerjav, Martin Šatović, Paula Skelin (editors and filmmakers), nes Jokoš, Nino Sorić, Hrabren Dobrović (playwrights and screenwriters), Dea Jagić (author of animated films), Nora Krstulović, Ines Kesich, Ivan Marušić Klif & Ivan Lušičić (new and interactive media artists) and many others .

To participate please write to –
To apply go:
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